Ha, my first cash prize for winning a quiz. This was at the Nehru Memorial Quiz on the eve of my b’day. A paltry sum of INR 600 which was obviously spent in giving the customary treat thereafter. It was fun though. We breezed through the prelims with a set of standard quizzing questions and found ourselves on stage with other fresher teams. We goofed up with simple anagram questions, and answered only those questions pertaining to Formula 1. The final round – with 3 teams(including us) entering tied for first – was to be the decider. Ah, the long visual connect. It started off with a map of North America, an image of a shark, a comet and an astronaut when a Bong team came with the correct theme. We had strayed into a totally different train of thought courtesy The One [:P] and when you do that, you invariably notice your answer in every next slide, whether related or not. After the next visual, a blue lotus, it was clearly apparent that we were going down the wrong lane and saved some shame by eventually coming second.