By Abhishek ‘perky’ Kashyap

20th morn of July it was
That heralded a new day;
Into a new semester
It marked my foray.

Stifled sun fought above
For dominance in a sky so pall.
Strained hands,paler eyes;
Who cares;I entered Patel Hall.

Its picture was etched
In my mind,Ah so clear.
Painted in yellow,
Stoic it stood,devoid of flair.

So as I stood there
Greeted by the pink block,
‘Had to rub my eyes
Was I on the wrong end of the clock?

An affront to my senses,
The pink walls,they wrought.
Pink was girl-ish,highly gay,
Is what i thought.

Then the walls emoted,
Suddenly the Hall came to life.
And yellow seemed banal,
Every hall had it,left or right!

Seemingly approving it
The sun dispeled the pall.
Bathed in glory,
Looking ethereal,stood the Hall.

And then it dawned,
That colour is just a fill,
Stoic as yellow,Lively as pink,
Patel is what Patel was and Patel will.

But if some still say:
Pink is gay,its slack!
To them I’d say:
Hell!Pink is the new Black!