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Arjun Malhotra paid a visit to our campus today. After the customary ‘funda’ session, he invited questions from the audience. One of them was ‘why Indians made good entrepreneurs?’. He had a very refreshing view on this. He said there were two main reasons for this :
a – Frustration Tolerance
b – Ambiguity Tolerance.
The first, as every Indian is aware, is something we all face daily. Anyone who has lived in India or dealt with the government there has high frustration tolerance automatically. And he cited the ‘Great Indian Arranged Marriage’ phenomenon as an instance for the second point.
Hmm. Thought-provoking indeed.
For another view on the same issue, read Tim Ferriss here.


1) Watch all those sci-fi movies quizmasters love so much : all the six Star Wars movies, 2001 : A Space Odyssey and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for now.

2) Have a daily timetable to which I stick to stringently, or at the least, a to-do list.

3) Read a book. It’s been over a month since I haven buried my nose in a book and would like to do so soon.

4) Study more. End-semester exams are knocking!

5) Sleep at 1 a.m. and wake up at 7 a.m. That would be so awesome.

6) Clean my room up. I haven’t slept on my bed for the last three weeks thanks to the clutter of books and clothes on it. Owe you one, Sanjay.


Damn. I had my hair cut today. The first time I had it cut in Kharagpur.
The worst thing about having a haircut is looking at your shadow later. Looks like your head is too small for your body or whatever, it just scares the crap out of me.
And now everyone I meet either starts ‘rotfl’ing or give me the what-why-how-when look.
Double damn.

A Night To Remember

Ha, my first cash prize for winning a quiz. This was at the Nehru Memorial Quiz on the eve of my b’day. A paltry sum of INR 600 which was obviously spent in giving the customary treat thereafter. It was fun though. We breezed through the prelims with a set of standard quizzing questions and found ourselves on stage with other fresher teams. We goofed up with simple anagram questions, and answered only those questions pertaining to Formula 1. The final round – with 3 teams(including us) entering tied for first – was to be the decider. Ah, the long visual connect. It started off with a map of North America, an image of a shark, a comet and an astronaut when a Bong team came with the correct theme. We had strayed into a totally different train of thought courtesy The One [:P] and when you do that, you invariably notice your answer in every next slide, whether related or not. After the next visual, a blue lotus, it was clearly apparent that we were going down the wrong lane and saved some shame by eventually coming second.