Car fight on chat between Vardhanam daga and Prateek agarwal :

Prateek:do you know driving?

Vardhanam: yeaa.


Prateek: i am learning…ab toh seekh hi liya poora

Vardhanam: u?

Prateek: yup

will be giving the test in june

i seem to have developed a passion for driving

Vardhanam: yaha pe to test is bull crap.

Prateek: and yahaan pe they are very serious about it

they fail you even if you forget to give a hand signal

which car do you have?

Vardhanam: chev aveo

Prateek: awesome…

i got wagonr

Vardhanam: y be u have maruti kya?


Prateek: haan

Vardhanam: oh shit.

Prateek: maruti is good dud4


Vardhanam: 😛

Prateek: its fun

highest selling car in india

Vardhanam: yea yea

thats the thing u c.

Prateek: and aveo toh flopped i guess

bas aveo ki ek alag class hai…thats it

i prefere performance over looks


Vardhanam: bull shit


buy a cycle rickshaw then na

best perfomance

Prateek: dude…wagonr gives better performance

cycle rickshaw???

it doesn’t even run on petrol

Vardhanam: so does maruti 800

yea….poor thing.

Prateek: chal theek hai…

Vardhanam: lol u pissed off kya?

Prateek: wagonr>aveo