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What goes on in everyone’s minds during a meeting

Himanshu : kya bakchodi chal rahi hai..main frusst hoon yaar..jaakar sona hai
Bashambhu : I can do this, i can get through this meeting, i can impress all with my diplomatic powers
Madhogarhia : paise kahan se aayega..nahi hoga fest
Manvitha : dum dee da dum da da da dee doop dumdum
Mathur : yeh has kaun raha hai ? :O
Rama : ummm…oye..aaj ki meeting ka agenda kya tha..
Gopal : load hai yaar, bahut kaam hai , hum is weekend kolkata jaakar sab kaam liptadenge
DevD : kah-aa-a-aa-an chali gayi hai saali khushi
Phani : i wanna be a rockstar and do publi
Ravi : its time to make a geeky comment.
DC : sab log angreji mein kyun baat kar rahe hai?
Kashyap : ( you know i dont think?..why are u trying to pry into my mind?)
Anju : i have a dynamic life! yay!
Bansal : abhi quest jaake pomphlet print karwana hai..
Aushim : kalwani itni zor se kyun has raha hai?
Prateek : kya yaar. abbe yaar. shit yaar. kahan phas gaya main.
Mantri : hmm, should i say this abt cal publi. gopal might screw me. hmm, bol hi deta hoon
Kamath : fuck. gsecs are looking at me. i must act interested. i must write something in my diary.



Dude, what the *beep*, dude.

Dude, seriously, what the *beep* man.

In response to Sick-ha’s post

I got screwed. I got high.

By Abhishek ‘perky’ Kashyap

20th morn of July it was
That heralded a new day;
Into a new semester
It marked my foray.

Stifled sun fought above
For dominance in a sky so pall.
Strained hands,paler eyes;
Who cares;I entered Patel Hall.

Its picture was etched
In my mind,Ah so clear.
Painted in yellow,
Stoic it stood,devoid of flair.

So as I stood there
Greeted by the pink block,
‘Had to rub my eyes
Was I on the wrong end of the clock?

An affront to my senses,
The pink walls,they wrought.
Pink was girl-ish,highly gay,
Is what i thought.

Then the walls emoted,
Suddenly the Hall came to life.
And yellow seemed banal,
Every hall had it,left or right!

Seemingly approving it
The sun dispeled the pall.
Bathed in glory,
Looking ethereal,stood the Hall.

And then it dawned,
That colour is just a fill,
Stoic as yellow,Lively as pink,
Patel is what Patel was and Patel will.

But if some still say:
Pink is gay,its slack!
To them I’d say:
Hell!Pink is the new Black!

Car fight

Car fight on chat between Vardhanam daga and Prateek agarwal :

Prateek:do you know driving?

Vardhanam: yeaa.


Prateek: i am learning…ab toh seekh hi liya poora

Vardhanam: u?

Prateek: yup

will be giving the test in june

i seem to have developed a passion for driving

Vardhanam: yaha pe to test is bull crap.

Prateek: and yahaan pe they are very serious about it

they fail you even if you forget to give a hand signal

which car do you have?

Vardhanam: chev aveo

Prateek: awesome…

i got wagonr

Vardhanam: y be u have maruti kya?


Prateek: haan

Vardhanam: oh shit.

Prateek: maruti is good dud4


Vardhanam: 😛

Prateek: its fun

highest selling car in india

Vardhanam: yea yea

thats the thing u c.

Prateek: and aveo toh flopped i guess

bas aveo ki ek alag class hai…thats it

i prefere performance over looks


Vardhanam: bull shit


buy a cycle rickshaw then na

best perfomance

Prateek: dude…wagonr gives better performance

cycle rickshaw???

it doesn’t even run on petrol

Vardhanam: so does maruti 800

yea….poor thing.

Prateek: chal theek hai…

Vardhanam: lol u pissed off kya?

Prateek: wagonr>aveo




My name is Vasanth Kamath.
I am a second year student of the department of Humanities and Social sciences enrolled in its Integrated master of sciences course in economics.
I am from mangalore.
My hobbies are speed-cubing and reading.quizzing, playing cricket and playing the drums.

xkcd #149


The water is wet

– Vardhanam Daga

Blue blah blackamackachacka bloop

– Prateek ‘pagalwal‘ Agarwal

I’m going to stu…huh..sleep

– Akash Shah

Pack the shag

– Anurag Jagadeesh

Bismillah , no!

-Rishabh Poddar

I want see dimple

– Siddharth ‘thurki‘ Dagar

Shit. I don’t know to make a merb plugin for Google federated login.

– Anurag P(imp)riyam

For the simplest possible explanation of recursion,
Click here.

The title says it all.
1. People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk their fat ass to the TV and change the channel manually.

2. People who ask, “Can I ask you a question?”

3. When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks, “Has the bus come yet?”.

4. The Google Talk ‘pings’ one keeps hearing all the time in campus.

5. The Airtel Theme. When a vehicle is in the reverse gear.

6. Malls.

7. Cell phones ringing every 5 minutes during a lecture, and the darned ring-tones they have.

8. People who try to overtake me on TSA. Call me hypocrite, but this pisses me off badly.

9. The Creator‘s incessant ability to find logic (or the lack of it) in every circumstance.

10. Mini-malls.

11. People making lists of what annoys them the most.